Friday, December 16, 2016

Gwynnie Bee First Impressions

I signed up for a Gwynnie Bee trial through Swagbucks today.  I have several friends who use Stitch Fix and love it, but they're sizing doesn't go up high enough.  Gwynnie Bee is sizes 10-32, so in theory should suit my 5'10" size 14/16 just fine.

Wanting to maximize my trial, I signed up for the 3+1 for my trial, which means I can have 3 garments out at a time and I get 1 bonus item during my trial.  GB is sort of like Netflix for clothes. You choose a plan on based on how many pieces you want to have at home at a time.  You place items in your closet and are shipped items based on availability.  You do have the ability to prioritize items as well as move off season items to a holding section.  Shipping is free and you have unlimited exchanges if a size doesn't work.

The first step was to select at least 10 items for my closet. The number of items is based on the size of your plan, higher plan, you need a bigger selection in your closet.  This is where I ran into my first snag.

While I saw lots of cute items, many would not be well suited to the arctic tundra that is the northern Midwest currently.  I was also bummed that many items were not available in my size due to high demand. 😞

I tried browsing the pants but most seemed not long enough for my tall frame (I have a 34" inseam). Also, as a remote employee who works from home, my wardrobe is pretty casual.  I saw lots of items that would have been great if I still worked in an office.  In fact, I would have loved something like GB to help keep my work wardrobe current and changing.

In the end, I did end up finding at least 10 items to add to my closet, including some that I wouldn't normally pick but figured "why not?" 

Some of my first picks

Another thing that I did really appreciate were the Size Advisor and reviews.  The Size Advisor lets you pick a brand and size that you know already fits you and suggests the appropriate size for the item you are viewing.  This was really helpful since I wasn't familiar with many of the brands.  Second, the reviews include height, and size as well as a picture of the user wearing the item.  This was super helpful as I tried to find reviews from people with a similar body shape to me.

I'll be sure and post again once my first shipment arrives.

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