Monday, May 28, 2012

Bathroom Remodel, Part 1

Our house is used to be a one-room school house that was converted into a house in the mid 1950's. As such the main bathroom is still original.

One of the issues we've had is the lack of a bathroom exhaust fan. What started as the lack of a bathroom exhaust fan, has turned into a full bathroom remodel.

After lots of browsing on Pinterest and many of my favorite DIY blogs, I had a plan. The plan was going to be to completely gut the bathroom, and update the drywall with green board, add the exhaust fan, update the tub to shower, and remove the existing vanity and replace with a smaller pedestal sink.

We prefer to do most of our DIY shopping at Lowe's due in large part to their military discount.

Over the long holiday weekend, we sent the kid to my mom's house and started to dive into the project.

After taking the seats out of the van so we'd have room for everything, we made a Friday date night trip to Lowe's. After trying not to freak out on the cost, we had purchased our shower, sink, and greenboard.

We went with the Sterling Accord shower base and surround.

Here are some photos before we started and of the demolition in progress.  Stay tuned for more updates!