Monday, December 22, 2014

Snowman Popcorn Wrapper - Free Printable

I found this last year on Pinterest as a cute idea for a teacher's gift but the original pdf had been taken down.  I googled and found a few others but I didn't like them quite as much, and I wanted to change the text a little bit, so I created my own and it worked great.  I got rave reviews from the teachers, they loved having an extra pair of gloves in their desk for recess duty and microwave popcorn is a favorite snack.

Fast forward to this year, I wanted to do the same thing but the laptop with the publisher files I had created last year on it died about a week ago.  I could have sworn I had saved everything to Dropbox, but I guess I must have been in a hurry (imagine that) and probably told myself I'd do it after the holidays (and we all know that is a black hole worse than "I'll do it tomorrow")

So after re-creating it again this year, I thought I'd post it here so that others could benefit and I can always find it.

I printed it on plain white paper and included a cut line for where to trim.  Just wrap it around the popcorn and tape in place.  Then place a pair of magic gloves as the hat and tie some ribbon on it.  Here's the finished product.

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