Friday, December 16, 2016

Gwynnie Bee First Impressions

I signed up for a Gwynnie Bee trial through Swagbucks today.  I have several friends who use Stitch Fix and love it, but they're sizing doesn't go up high enough.  Gwynnie Bee is sizes 10-32, so in theory should suit my 5'10" size 14/16 just fine.

Wanting to maximize my trial, I signed up for the 3+1 for my trial, which means I can have 3 garments out at a time and I get 1 bonus item during my trial.  GB is sort of like Netflix for clothes. You choose a plan on based on how many pieces you want to have at home at a time.  You place items in your closet and are shipped items based on availability.  You do have the ability to prioritize items as well as move off season items to a holding section.  Shipping is free and you have unlimited exchanges if a size doesn't work.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Snowman Popcorn Wrapper - Free Printable

I found this last year on Pinterest as a cute idea for a teacher's gift but the original pdf had been taken down.  I googled and found a few others but I didn't like them quite as much, and I wanted to change the text a little bit, so I created my own and it worked great.  I got rave reviews from the teachers, they loved having an extra pair of gloves in their desk for recess duty and microwave popcorn is a favorite snack.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Headed back to the Bluegrass

I'm headed back to the Bluegrass state this week.  I haven't really been back to visit since I left in 2007 with the exception of a very quick trip to pick up my bottles of Maker's Mark when my barrel was ready.

One of my activities while I'm visiting will be to attend the Forecastle Music Festival.  When I mentioned to my friends I will be staying with that I might be coming in, they immediately suggested that we go to Forecastle.  I checked it out online and when I saw the lineup, I was definitely game.