Monday, September 27, 2010

My husband is the best!

My husband is currently deployed with the Iowa National Guard 2nd Brigade Combat Team/34th Infantry Division "Red Bulls".  They recently went into the training "box" at Ft Irwin, CA which means that they are out of communications for a couple of weeks.   Our anniversary is today and the last time we had talked (Sat night I think) he said "Happy Anniversary" and I figured that would be it until I saw him in October.

Well boy was I surprised when I got to my office Monday morning.  Waiting for me on my desk were beautiful flowers.  Talk about being blown away and improving what had otherwise been a hectic Monday morning.

The only problem is now he's set up an expectation of this.  Just kidding, honey.  I love you and you made my day, heck probably my week as I will get to enjoy them every day.

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